Upcoming Webinars

Solving the Problem of Securing Patient Payment in the Emergency Department
Wednesday, October 10th @ 1:00 PM CDT

About the Webinar:
Hospitals uniformly struggle with securing patient payment, particularly in the Emergency Department.  On average most hospitals incur about 45% of their patient revenue losses in the ED.  EMTALA regulations further inhibit efforts to engage patients about money before treatment and physical workflows allow patients to leave the facility after treatment without rechecking at registration.  

VestaCare brings a fresh approach to solving this problem by securing 100% of enrolled patient’s known and unknown liability, while enabling the majority of patients to afford their care.  

Among other things, attendees will learn:

  • The role (or actually, non-role) of classical estimating tools in the ED
  • How to engage patients regarding their financial liability without infringing on EMTALA rules.
  • Solutions for securing patient payment when patients arrive at the ED without a form of payment.
  • Actual success stories of securing 100% of patient’s liability while at the ED 

Featuring: Tom Brekka, CEO, VestaCare & Ray Chase, VP of National Accounts, VestaCare & Chris Collins, Professional Hospital Patient Workflow Consultant and Patient Financial Counselor, ED, Wayne Memorial Hospital